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Northeast African Journal of
Social Sciences and Humanities (NEAJ)
  1. Editorial

  2. Deviation as a Stylistic Feature in The Thirteenth Sun (MOGES Gebremariam)

  3. ‘Ethiopian’ wrestling between sportization of national heritage and dynamic youth culture (Katrin BROMBER)

  4. The Menelik Conquest from the Perspective of the Boorana (Chikage OBA-SMIDT)

  5. Two Amharic letters of debtera Tewelde Medhin of Welqayt from the collection of Antoine d’Abbadie (1849) (Viviane DELPECH, with tr. by HAGOS Abrha and ABREHA Tsegay)

  6. The Story of the Translation of the Bible into Tǝ gre (1877-1988) (SENAI W. Andemariam)

  7. The «Barrage de Djibouti», from migration barrier to identity building (Simon IMBERT-VIER)

  8. “It is our environment”: Farmers’ response to degraded hillsides in the northern highlands of Ethiopia (HAILEMARIAM Meaza & Gufu OBA)

Miscellaneous Articles

  1. The Seals of Sib‘at (TEKLE Hagos)

  2. Another Arabic inscription from the eastern Tigrayan trade route (III): The malik al-Ḥabaša in Negaš (Wolbert SMIDT – Mahmoud M. Haggag RASHIDY)

  3. The transliteration system of the Gə’əz script: A personal memory (Richard PANKHURST)

  4. Global Migration Futures: Developing Scenarios for the Horn of Africa and Yemen – Reflections on the Occasion of a Workshop in Nairobi (Ayla BONFIGLIO – Hein DE HAAS – Simona VEZZOLI)

Book Reviews

  1. Ian Campbell: The Plot to Kill Graziani. The Attempted Assassination of Mussolini’s Viceroy. Addis Ababa 2010 (SZELINGER Balázs)

  2. Dereje Feyissa – Markus Virgil Hoehne: Borders and Borderlands as Resources in the Horn of Africa. Woodbridge 2010f (SZELINGER Balázs)

Conference Reports

  1. The 18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies in Dirre Dawa: “Movements in Ethiopia, Ethiopia in Movement”, 29 October to 3 November 2012 (Wolbert SMIDT – Chikage OBA-SMIDT)

  2. National Workshop: „Socio-cultural Impact Assessment of the Welqayt Sugar and Irrigation Project”, 6 October 2012, Mekelle University (MITIKU Gabrehiwot)

  3. The Mikael Iyasu Library: Mekelle University Acquires 2,500 Books from the Family of the Late Mikael Iyasu – Inauguration (AYELE Bekerie)

  4. International Workshop on Documentation and Preservation of Ethiopian Cultural and Art Heritage of the Haddis Alemayehu Cultural and Research Institute, Debre Markos University, 19 May 2012 – An Illustrated Conference Report (Manuel RAMOS)

  5. International Workshop on “Culture, Environment and Development”
    at Mekelle University, 15 March 2012
    (Yoko FURUSAKI)

  6. From Ambivalence to Acceptance – International Conference on Azmari in Ethiopia, University of Hildesheim, 6 − 8 January 2012 (Andreas WETTER)

  7. Workshop “On the History and Culture of the Horn of Africa” at Mekelle University, 17-18 March 2011 (Carsten HOFFMANN – Zeus WELLNHOFER)

Research and Expedition Reports

  1. A Journey to Central and Western Tigray (Dietrich RAUE)

  2. Did the gold of the Aksumites originate in Tigray? A report on ongoing research on local traditions of gold mining in Tigray (Wolbert SMIDT, in collaboration with GEBREMICHAEL Nguse)

Research and Expedition Reports

  1. Selected abstracts of research projects in social sciences and humanities at Mekelle University

  1. Background Information on the Journal


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