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Northeast African Journal of
Social Sciences and Humanities (NEAJ)
  1. Opening Remark (Walter RAUNIG)

  2. Introduction (MULUWORK Kidanemariam and Wolbert SMIDT)

  3. The Ancient Egyptian Etymology of Ḥabašāt “Abessinia“ (Francis BREYER)

  4. Monumentalised Accountancy from Ancient Ethiopia (Manfred KROPP)

  5. Unexplored Aksumite Sites in Tigray II (Paul B. HENZE)

  6. The Numismatic Heritage of Aksum – Coinage as a Multilateral Source in Studying Cultural History (Wolfgang HAHN)

  7. Language, Script and Society in the Axumite Kingdom (Rainer VOIGT)

  8. Aksum as a “Seedbed” Society (Donald N. LEVINE)

  9. A Hundred Years of Aksumite Epigraphy Since Enno Littmann (Stefan WENINGER

  10. New Readings: A Centenary After the Publication of the “Deutsche Aksum Expedition” (Francis BREYER)

  11. Enno Littmann’s Contribution to the Study of Islam in Ethiopia (HUSSEIN Ahmed)

  12. The Missing Links of Traditional Rule in Pre-1974 Aksum (MULUWORK Kidanemariam)

  13. Mysteries of Maryam Nazre (KEBEDE Amare and Paul B. HENZE)

  14. Unique Textiles of Tigray (Martha H. HENZE)

  15. Religion and Development: Indigenous Spirituality and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Tigray (Joachim PERSOON)

  16. Gunda-Gundo (Kevin O’MAHONEY)

  17. The Necessity of Research for Existing Condition of Italian Buildings and Proposal for Conservation (Tomohiro SHITARA)

  18. Significance of Oral Traditions to Ethiopian Studies (ASNAQE Wubete)

  19. The National Archives and Library of Ethiopia: Six Years of Ethio-French Cooperation (2001-2006) (Anaïs WION)

  20. The Portuguese-Jesuit Settlement of Fremona, Tigray: 1565-1640 (Andreu MARTÍNEZ)

  21. Power, Protest and Preponderance: A Chapter in the Political History of the Irob Chief-taincy during Zemene Mesafint, Tigray, c. 1790-1831 (TSEGAY Berhe Gebrelibanos)

  22. Mansfield Parkyns and his Drawings: Glimpses of Northern Ethiopia Half a Century Prior to Enno Littmann’s Visit (Richard PANKHURST)

  23. Ras Alula and Tigray – Revisiting Modern History (Haggai ERLICH)

  24. A Glimpse of History of Power, Treachery, Diplomacy and War in Ethiopia 1889-1906 (dejjazmach ZEWDE Gabre-Sellassie)

  25. The 1943 Wejjerat Incident in Tigray, Ethiopia (Momoka MAKI)

  26. Ethiopia, Post-Feudal Development between 1976 – 2006 (Hannelore BÖRGEL)

  27. Linking the Present and the Past in Land Ownership: Land Tenure as a Key for the Understanding of Tigrayan Society (Wolbert SMIDT)

  28. The photos of the German Aksum Expedition of 1906 (Steffen WENIG)


Extra Issue II - 2016

Regional History and Culture of the Horn

One Hundred Years German Aksum Expedition

Table of Contents

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