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Northeast African Journal of
Social Sciences and Humanities (NEAJ)
  1. Editorial

  2. Recent Research on Meroitic, the Ancient Language of Sudan (Claude Rilly)

  3. Preliminary result of the survey of the archaeological site of Sib‘at, ‘Adwa, Ethiopia (Tekle Hagos)

  4. Plague as a Possible Factor for the Decline and Collapse of the Aksumite Empire: a New Interpretation (Yohannes Gebre Selassie)

  5. Philological Analysis of the Manuscripts of Gädlä Yəmʕata (Hagos Abrha)

  6. Studies on the Biography of Blatta Hayle Maryam Redda (1909-1995) (Fesseha Berhe)

  7. Preliminary Report on an Ethnohistorical Research Among the Ch’aré People, a Hidden Ethnic Splinter Group in Western Tigray (Wolbert G.C. Smidt)

  8. A New Perspective on Animal Traction in Ethiopian Agriculture (Hubert Cochet)

Miscellaneous Articles

  1. Ladislas Sava’s Articles in “New Times and Ethiopia News” in 1940–1941: The Historical Background (Szélinger Balázs)

  2. A Note on the Islamic Heritage of Tigray: the Current Situation of the Arabic Inscription of Wuqro (Wolbert G.C. Smidt)

  3. Exonumia from Ancient Abyssinia: Byzantine Weights and a Lead Seal (Wolfgang Hahn)

  4. An Inscription in Ancient Sabaic on a Bronze Kettle from Färäs May, Tigray (Norbert Nebes)

Book Reviews & Review Articles

  1. Saheed A. Adejumobi: The History of Ethiopia. Westport, Connecticut – London 2007 (Szélinger Balázs)

  2. Merse’a Hazen Wolde Qirqos: Yehayagnaw Kifil Zemen Mebacha: Yezemen Tarik Tizitaye Kayhutena Kesemhaut, 1896-1922. Addis Ababa 1999 E.C.: Review Article (Ayele Bekerie)

Conference Reports

  1. Conference “Health and Development in Ethiopia”, 7 December 2010, Culture, History and Religions Department, Sapienza – University of Rome (Emanuele Bruni)

  2. National Workshop on the Launching of ITYOP̣IS, Northeast African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (NEAJ), 17 December 2010, Mekelle University (Wolbert Smidt – Yideg Alemayehu)

  3. The Second Annual Workshop of the Archaeology and Paleontology Association – Ethiopia: Discussion on the Draft Document on Archaeologists’ Professional Ethics, 15 January 2011, Addis Ababa (Hiruy Daniel)

  4. International workshop “Histoire et Archives de Djibouti et de sa région” (History and Archives of Djibouti and its Region), 26-27 April 2011, Université de Djibouti (Aramis Houmed Soulé)

Papers of the ITYOP̣IS Workshop of 17 December 2010

  1. Archaeological Publications Desiderata (Tekle Hagos)

  2. Contribution of Ethnographic / Ethnoarchaeological Investigations  to Northeast African Archaeology (Hiruy Daniel)

  3. The Recording of the Local Cultural Context: Its Importance and Necessity (Denis Nosnitsin)

  4. Use and Interest of the Notion of Territory in Horn of Africa Studies (Sabine Planel)

  5. « Ethiopia and Africa » : Another Perspective in Modern Ethiopian  Studies  (Giulia Bonacci)

  6. Publication Experiences from the Journal of Ethiopian Studies and Exploration of Possible Gaps for ITYOP̣IS (Semeneh Ayelew)

Research Abstracts

  1. Selected abstracts of research projects in social sciences and humanities at Mekelle University


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